Marucci Elite Texas Tryouts

Each player will participate in a PRO style workout including: timed Home-1st and Home-2nd, infield drills and ground balls, outfield drills and fly balls, and batting practice. Pitchers and catchers will also be evaluated in the bullpen, and catches will throw to bases.
Players must wear proper baseball attire and are encouraged to bring water.

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  • Marucci Elite Houston, LLC does not provide accident or medical insurance for program participants. l recognize that participation in Marucci Elite sponsored activities may expose my child to risk of injury. l agree to hold Marucci Elite Houston, LLC harmless from any claims, which may occur through participation in any Marucci Elite Houston, LLC program. In case of emergency or accident and l am unable to be contacted, | hereby grant Marucci Elite Houston, LLC or his/her agent to secure proper medical treatment and transportation for my child to an appropriate facility for treatment.I have read and understand the above information. My child has my permission to participate in Marucci Elite Houston, LLC sponsored programs in accordance with the conditions set forth.
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