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Marucci Houston Bulls Baseball was formed in the fall of 2013, and in just two years has become one of the finest baseball development organizations in the region. Despite providing one of the best coaching staffs in Texas and a state-of-the-art facility, we realized that this was not enough to reach our goal in becoming the best baseball development program in the USA. Our learning’s were:

1. A truly great program must include player development based on a Formalized curriculum that is tailored to the individual. This yields formal evaluation reports and feedback sessions for the player and parents to reach alignment on the athlete’s physical and mental development.

2. Our focus on fundamentals was strong but had room to improve in the area of physical intensity to drive the mental & physical discipline required to become a fierce competitor. Physical conditioning is core to Marucci Bulls Baseball in order to drive physical readiness, mental focus, accountability, and discipline.

3. Insufficient field time was a result of strong demand for the Marucci Bulls Program and the desire to satisfy all participants. Unfortunately, this diluted the resource (staff, fields, cages) required to reach a standard of excellence. One team per age group (9-14), 100-150% increase in ball field practice time, and double the professional coaching exposure will be new to allow for customization & enhancement of the developmental process.

4. Clarity in expectations is vital to the satisfactory development of the player and to the satisfaction of all Marucci Bulls families. Our newly-published Values identify what is important to the Marucci Bulls Organization. Although this program may not be for all, we do believe it is for you should you value:


5. Connectivity with our parents is absolutely crucial to enhancing the experience and to increasing the social interface with families, players, and coaches. Each team will have a parent representative to serve in a Monthly Parent Council Meeting. This is the opportunity for each team representative to address any team culture challenges, share best practices, and plan FUN events with the Marucci Bulls Community. You will interface with the Director for Marucci Bulls Baseball monthly and have the opportunity to make an impact! We want families to take an active part of their experience and there will be many off-field opportunities that can be created by this Parent Council.

What to Expect

9U – 14U

  • Multiple teams at each age group (if the numbers allow)
  • Twice weekly professionally run practices with focus on skill development and team fundamentals
  • Four hours on the field
  • Two professional coaches at every practice
  • Physical conditioning every practice
  • Formal parent/player/coach evaluation meetings (3 for spring)
  • Team parent representative (fun activities & team admin duties)


We are currently looking for qualified coaches for our spring season. The spring season runs from February-June and consists of two practices a week on set days and 10-12 tournaments. College and Pro experience is preferred but not required. Coaches must be able to follow the Marucci Bulls values and development curriculum. Please email Kevin Witt at and please include current resume.


If you currently have a team and are interested in becoming a Bulls team please email Please note any potential new Bulls team must abide by the Bulls values and follow the development curriculum.

Our Mission

To develop the complete baseball player using a measurable approach to physical and mental skills through the application of a formal disciplined curriculum that provides excellence in instruction, leadership, & facilities for families that align with the Marucci Bulls Values.
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Marucci Bulls Values

Player Health
The player’s overall health is the most important value. We teach proper baseball health practices and will assure that the player’s arm is not overused during pitching events. We will never play a player that is injured so as to not further any injury. A doctor’s release must be obtained if a player has been absent due to injury.

Focus Through Discipline
Strenuous physical training is core to our program and will be used as a discipline mechanism to increase focus and effort in a sport that demands high frequency of success in repetitive activities.

Measurable skills & mental preparedness development
Upon acceptance into the program, the player will be evaluated and prescribed a series of quantitative improvement targets where professional coaches, non-professional assistant coaches and parents will work together towards a customized PLAYER DEVELOPMENT PLAN that will measure the development success of the player. This is a continuous process of development from time of entry until high school graduation.

We are passionate about developing the ownership of an athlete’s improvement opportunities, as we believe that this is the foundation of the development process. It starts with the responsibilities to demand excellence from the player in order to help others around him, on and off the field.

Subject Matter Excellence
Our coaches have experience at various levels, from college to professional. We utilize the knowledge of these experienced professionals to train coaches to a consistent standard of educating and developing young players within the Marucci Bulls organization. Our developing baseball player will inherit the knowledge from professional coaches through this standard. We refer to this as establishing the player’s Baseball IQ.

Family Commitment & Participation
The Marucci Bulls organization is an institution for baseball training and player development. Parents play a significant role in our process and must be committed to our core values and their role within them. Parents will not be allowed on the field unless certified by a professional coach to have a role on the field as an assistant coach. Players are expected to be on time for practices and games. Unacceptable or frequent absenteeism can be grounds for expulsion from the program at the coach’s discretion without a refund. In addition, parental involvement in player evaluations and development plans is expected to promote collaborative development so expectations are aligned in the development progress of the player. Player Evaluation Meetings are required and full parental participation is expected.